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Is Friday the only day of the week you look forward to?

I know I can’t be the only one that wakes up that much happier because Friday is here.

Can we say that the majority of us live for Friday? Probably. However, is that the healthiest way to think or even live?

This has been on my mind all week. Why am I living for Friday? Everyday should be a day worth living for, in a sense that each day should be looked forward to see.

If we were to change the perspective about each week day, what would you change? For example, Mondays are not always the looking forward to see days because it is the beginning of a long work week. And if you have children, the chaos of school and extra curricular activities are stressful.

But what if we can change what each day of the week means to us? If we could, this is how I would do it:

Monday: This day is a reset day. Let’s get those planners out!

Monday can be the opportunity for me to reorganize my week. I can also see it as a day that will provide me the possibility of starting a new goal that I’ve been wanting to start. This new idea can be really exciting!

Tuesday: This day will be dedicated to the initiation of your reset goals for the week. We all know that Mondays are manic days and Tuesdays are when things actually get done. We also want to give Mondays the time to plan without feeling over stressed, that is why we can’t make it too productive or your energy levels are going to be down. However, Tuesdays can be the beginning of your planned week! This day will go by so smooth even if it’s your most productive day because you’ve already taken the time on Monday to organize yourself.

Wednesday: This is considered “Hump day” for most people. We are chugging away and trying to make it past that midweek energy. But how about we make this day your self-care day! This day will be dedicated to taking a step back and doing something nice for yourself. This could be as simple as going to bed a little earlier to get better rest. You can also pamper yourself with any type of self-care activities. My favorite self-care activity is getting my nails done. Anything that is related to you taking care of YOU. Do it on Wednesdays!

Thursdays: I don’t think any of us think about Thursdays that much. But if you think about it, it’s our Friday-eve. I think it deserves a little more credit. This day will be dedicated to revisiting those Monday goals. Are we able to meet the goals for this week? Or will we need to move some of the goals to next week? The last thing you want to do is over book yourself for the last couple of days of the week before the weekend. Make sure this day you also take time to pat yourself on the back for the goals you did reach or are able to accomplish before the weekend!

Friday: Yay! We have made it to Friday! This day will be dedicated to appreciation day. You’ve gone through the week and you did great! Now we can appreciate all of the hard work! Appreciation can be as simple as giving yourself some self-love. Adding some new affirmations to your routine, write a journal entry based on gratitude or just simply drinking that glass of wine you’ve been wanting to drink all week. Maybe two glasses tonight!

Saturday and Sunday: These two days are typically my family days. I also distribute time for my home cleaning, errands and family events to be done on these two days. I really enjoy the time I spend with my family during these two days!

These are all just ideas on how to look forward to each day of the week. Giving each day its special significance can really help you to look forward towards that day, even if it’s not a weekend day!

Let’s live more mindfully and purposefully, because each day counts.

As always, xoxo



4 responses to “Is Friday the only day of the week you look forward to?”

  1. I love this. We should implement in our home

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks honey! I love it too. We will
      Implement! ♥️


  2. I believe that if we’re truly walking down the path we want, that the days start to have less external meaning. So Mondays will be the same as Fridays, which would entail working closer to your goals.

    But if we live on someone else’s timeline, then yes, there is this tendency to despise one day over another. Anyway, thanks for this post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Great point! Thanks for sharing!


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