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Do you cry?

Growing up I was always told that I was too sensitive and emotional. I was also told that I was a cry baby and that I was weak minded because I cried. That stuck with me for a really long time. Even throughout my adult life. To be honest, probably a year ago is when I stopped judging myself for crying.

Is it true that I am sensitive and emotional? Yes! Without a doubt! Not only am I very in-tune with my emotional side, but I am also an empath to my very core. Which being an empath was another concept that I was completely ignorant to until recent years.

Crying has become one of my super powers. It’s become the most effective form of relief and expression for me. And I’m not talking about a couple tears coming down my eyes. I’m talking about a full on hard cry. A cry that makes your eyes swollen and your nose a little runny. And sometimes could even make your head hurt a little. Basically, the cry that you were born with and used as a child when you needed it.

Have you ever noticed that babies/kids cry for sometime and then go back to playing like nothing? That used to crack me up when I was younger. I used to work at a preschool in my early 20s. I learned so much about early childhood development. One of the things that was important was to allow the children to express themselves through their art. It was also important for the educators to walk a child through their emotional expression, which would be crying for the most part. I remember being taught to allow the children to cry and to patiently guide them to express their frustration. The children had an opportunity to have a safe outlet without being judged for it. They were allowed to process their emotions in a safe space. I truly feel like those early developmental years are vital to a child’s emotional intelligence.

See, when the children were allowed to cry and express their emotions without restrictions, they were able to release the stress they were feeling. They felt instant relief after a good cry.

Why is that?

I’ll tell you why.

It’s been established that when you cry your body releases oxytocin and endogenous opioids, which are also known as endorphins! Endorphins are one of the feel-good, happy chemicals that ease both physical and emotional pain.

This is why crying became my super power.

It’s funny because I know when I need a good cry now. It usually starts with something triggering my stress. Then untreated stress becomes anxiety. My anxiety makes me irritable and restless. My irritability leads me to become depressed and emotional. Until I can’t handle it anymore. And I cry.

That whole process of me digging myself into a hole of anxiety and depression, took usually about three weeks for me. Three long weeks of frustration!

What I should’ve been doing was crying it out since the moment my stress started. But I wasn’t accustomed to being okay with crying for emotional relief. As I mentioned earlier, I was taught that crying was a sign of weakness.

But not anymore.

This is why I encourage all of my readers to cry as soon as you feel those emotions are becoming too much for you. I know some people may use other forms of relief like exercise, meditation, writing.. etc. Those are great too! I use them. But nothing will feel as good as releasing that emotional stress with a good cry. Because crying was our only form of expression since birth for a really long time!

Don’t allow anyone to make you feel weak for crying. Find safe spaces to cry and let out what you feel. My closet and my shower are usually my go to places when I want to cry alone.

If you have a loving person that supports you and is non-judgmental, you can cry to them too.

I am always here if anyone ever needs a virtual shoulder to cry on.

And if you can’t cry, that is okay too. I know crying could be uncomfortable for some of us. This method of emotional relief may not be for everyone. You have to do what feels right and natural to you.

Crying and being vulnerable is a beautiful thing. Just make sure you are in a safe place of free expression when you are ready to tune into a that super power.

You’ll feel so much better. I promise. ❤️

As always, xoxo



2 responses to “Do you cry?”

  1. And this is why you’re such an amazing mother, nurturer.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😘❤️ you’re amazing too


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