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Overcoming your mental state

One of my biggest fears are snakes. I don’t know why I fear them and I don’t know when I started to fear them. All I know is that they scare me. I think that the worst part about this fear is when I dream of them. I wake up in a frenzy and start looking around my bed to make sure it was just a dream. It’s not the best waking up feeling.

I don’t usually dream about snakes, but when I do I know I am going through some things mentally and emotionally.

Has it happened to anyone that sometimes you just feel like you’re on autopilot? You’re living but it just becomes the same everyday. It’s almost like you’re living in a movie. You’ve completely zoned out. Well that is called disassociation. I just learned that. It’s when mentally your brain needs a check out because it’s protecting itself from the stress. To be frank, I don’t live a very stressed out life. However, I have gone through some traumatic experiences that take some time for me to overcome mentally.

Dreaming of snakes is an indication for me to start analyzing what is going on with me. It’s a warning for me to snap out of this seasonal depression or anxiety cloud. It’s time to stop the avoidance and start facing it head on. Whatever it is, I need to face it. Otherwise, I will continue going down this spiral of mental breakdowns.

I can overcome this and I will overcome this.

For my readers, thank you for allowing this space to vent out. Sometimes that is all you need, to write what you feel. Maybe some of you can relate. If you can, know you’re definitely not alone.

As always, xoxo



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