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Over the last couple of weeks I have been in somewhat of a twilight zone. I have been focusing so much on the goals and dreams that I have. I also have been super critical about where I am, where I should be and when will I accomplish my dreams.

These goals and dreams have become my true heart’s desires. I desire it so much, it’s become an obsession that is no longer feeling like a dream. It feels more like a quest. Some would say that a quest can be a good thing. Sure, it can be good if you are enjoying the journey.

I came to the realization that I have not been enjoying the journey because I am too attached to the end goal. I am focused on what I have lost and not on what I have gained.

This is why being attached to the end goal is self-destructive.

I need to be more present. I need to be more accepting. And I need to forgive myself.

I need to forgive myself for being so self- critical. I need to forgive myself for being distracted from the present time. I feel as if I am taking for granted what I already have. It’s not a good feeling.

I want to start over, if I can. I want to asses the steps I have taken and where I have faltered. I want to look at where I can make better choices. But most importantly, I want to let go of what I couldn’t control and accept that it was not my fault.

Do not attach to the end goal because you will miss out on life. And we only have one precious life. You will only live this very moment one time, and it will never come back. Ever.

Enjoy the problem-solving stages, enjoy the mistakes you make even if it hurts, and enjoy the victories even if they are small.

You are more than your goals and your dreams. You are a beautiful life. You are a beautiful journey.

And when you reach your goal, remember to treasure the memories the journey left behind. Love them. Share them and teach others.

As always, xoxo


2 responses to “Self-destruction.”

  1. “You are more than your goals and your dreams. You are a beautiful life.”

    Thanks for the reminder my love

    Liked by 1 person

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