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Be present, smell the roses

Life has a crazy way of making us forget that we are living in the NOW.

Some of us live in the past and in the “what could have been?” and others live in the “when I accomplish this, I will be happy.”

Well, none of it matters. The past cannot be changed and the future is uncertain. We can never truly live LIFE if we are living in times that don’t even exist.

Sometimes there are some of us that neither live in the past, present or future. We just simply live on autopilot, nothing affects us, nothing motivates us, we just simply survive.

None of those ways of living are healthy. Living in the past causes depression, living in the future causes anxiety.. and living only to survive causes you to feel purposeless.

The central focus should always be to live in the present. It’s really the only time we got that is certain. There is a famous saying that goes “Stop and smell the roses”. That is what we should all be doing, literally.

So today, I give you this virtual rose as a present.

Be in the here and now. Because once it’s gone, it’s gone. Don’t worry about anything else, everything always works out in the future and there is no sense on holding on to the past.

As always, xoxo and a rose 🌹



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